A woman's guide to being single, satisfied and saved.

Inspiring book by Ashley Lounds-Brooks exposes the reality of being a single female serving Christ in today’s time. Being single, satisfied, and saved is hard in today’s time but someone has to do it! Ms. Lounds-Brooks shares some of her own personal experiences in order to expose the truth and bring healing to others.

Single, Satisfied and Saved

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You may be shaking your head in disbelief, but the reason why many men are labeled as dogs is because women are too!  If there were not so many women ready and willing to lie down just to fulfill a void of loneliness inside of her then there would be no reason for a man to sleep around or cheat.”

Atlanta-based author Ashley Lounds-Brooks is pleased to announce the anticipated book "Single, Satisfied, and Saved" that debuted in fall of 2010. Ms. Lounds-Brooks, has put together a powerful new book that is set to help women become empowered and to teach valuable lessons on the importance of being a women of integrity.

"Single, Satisfied, and Saved” was specifically written to help young women grow as virtuous women in the body of Christ by looking at, first and foremost, one’s self. The book features practical Christian principles to discover one's innermost strength, talent, skill and strategies whether you are a 15 year old girl or 51 year old woman. What makes this book stands out from other self-help books is that Ms. Lounds provides the reality of the Christian walk- “some days you don’t feel like being saved!”  She doesn’t just give you a list of do’s and don’ts but helps the reader to realize and understand the reasoning behind it all.

In today’s world, where people are turning more and more to spiritual and self-help books for hope of a better way, Single, Satisfied, and Saved  comes at a perfect time to help fill a growing need in some many women.


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